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About Us


The inspiration behind FitLīf stems from our very own personal love story! As newlyweds, we decided early on that our physical fitness and well-being would be a priority in our home so that we could enjoy as many years together as possible. It then occurred to us that maybe others could benefit from this same kind of incentive. But if we couldn't give them love, what else would provide a strong tool for motivation?

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BioBill Kneebusch was born and raised in the Midwest. The son of a successful entrepreneur, he grew up in a business environment where his father began grooming him for the industry at the young age of 10. It became quickly evident that he possessed a passion for creativity and business. By twenty-three Bill had assumed the role of President for his family’s large and successful manufacturing company. From there, he began investing in various entrepreneurial ventures including an automobile club that competed with the venerable AAA. Within 12 months, Bill had built the business to nearly 30,000 members and later sold it to a large insurance company..

Bill holds degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Global Business. He enjoys motorsports of all types. He began racing motocross at age 12 and continues to enjoy all things performance related, particularly collecting and driving Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles.

Bill moved to Southern California over 10 years ago, where he would eventually meet Shannon, his wife and the love of his life. Fitness has always played a big part in his life, but upon meeting Shannon he became even more committed to the lifestyle. This new level of fitness, and more importantly, the motivational factors behind it, are what led him to create FitLīf.

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BioShannon Kneebusch was born and raised in Southern California. The product a of beach town lifestyle, she grew up with an appreciation for a healthy and active life. Her mother laid the foundation for healthy diet and meal choices early on, while her father, a collegiate tennis player who remains nationally ranked to this day, encouraged her athleticism. For many years, Shannon was a dedicated and highly accomplished soccer player, and overall fitness and healthy lifestyle choices have continued to be a foundation for her lifestyle.

Shannon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Cal State University Dominguez Hills and has spent most of her professional career in business management. She has also, launched a very successful event planning business and event center. In her free time, she enjoys riding motorcycles, driving fast cars, working out and relaxing on the beach.